Sunday, April 1, 2007

Spring has sprung in the Chicagoland area once more, however we may get one more cold snap before we can really "dig" in. So be patient my friends. Cool weather crops like; pansies, violas, snaps, stock, calendula, nemesia etc. May be planted this year around the Easter holiday. You can create your mixed containers with florist hydrangeas if your willing to protect them from extreme temperatures (33 degrees or below F). However, tulips, daffodils, curly willow, pussy willow, forsythia and assorted annuals and perennials may adorn those early spring containers.
Our average last frost date is approximately the 15th of May. But I have seen it freeze in May and snow in June. The weather can change every five minutes it seems. Happy planting and happy Spring.

"It's what a tree does in spring."

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