Saturday, September 19, 2009

Earth box intro

As the season comes to a slowing we all reflect on our accomplishments or disappointments in the vegetable garden. It was the first time that many of my staff had witnessed the whole process of vegetable growing and all of us partook in the fruits of our own labor. With the cool season of summer of 2009, well below average temperatures, we had some veggies that thrived and some that were mediocre. Our cool crops(broccoli, cabbage, kohlrabi, kale) were awesome and are still producing. Our tomatoes were OK, still there are lots of green ones and hopefully a warm Indian summer should ripen the rest. However, the new garden gadget that we all were taken by surprise was the "Earth Box". No one expected that piece of plastic to yield anything, it did two almost 7 foot monsters (1 early girl, 1 sweet 100's) with and abundance of fruit. One of my lucky customers had spied it the week of the fourth of July (it had just started to have ripening fruit) and had us deliver it to the back patio of her home. She had plenty of cherry tomatoes for her salads all summer long and loads of juicy 'Early Girl' Tomatoes for her burgers.

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