Friday, February 26, 2010

Chicago Flower and Garden Show 2010 Build Out Day 1

Day 1 Build Out

These are the days that we become miracle workers.  We render a very large vacant, sterile area into lush gardens that gardeners dream about in their own backyards.  Yes, we are talking about the Chicago Flower and Garden Show at Navy Pier, March 6th- 14th 2010.  Where dreams bloom and creative juices overflow in the green industry.   It is a testament to all who partake of their skill and passion for gardening. 

This segment is going to be a journal of our journey from vast space and concrete to thriving facades of green and imagination.  I have always found inspiration in what a few people can do in a short amount of time. Thank you for joining me on the journey and we hope you will join us at the Pier this March.
Looking East at Navy Pier

Looking West in Festival Hall A

Pile O Sand

Big Machines for the Big Pile O Sand

The Pond Guys

The Plastic Visqueen flooring is the footprint of our Garden.  It is the largest Garden at the Show this year.

The various types of hardscaping that is going into garden.

The decking being installed by the DeckYard.

Aquablocks are very versatile.  They are great for pondless water features and handling of excess rain water.

These granite stones were custom cut for Aquascapes for building Ponds.  They are beautiful and really show off the quartz that lie in the material.

The Tools of the Trade

Wow!  This is a Big Garden.

It is still a big garden.

You can't have wonderful waterfalls without big boulders.

You can really see the vastness and emptiness of the hall.

                                       Catch our blog tomorrow for another pictorial update of the
2010 Flower and Garden show Buildout at the Pier.

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