Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Voila - The Final Presentation

Garden #3 - Sun and Moon -- Miss Saigon & A garden for the day and night

The largest display in the show, this garden space recreates a suburban backyard complete with deck, play area, fire pit, outdoor kitchen and multiple water features, including a meandering stream. Incorporating various water reclamation technologies, the garden also demonstrates how exterior lighting and the proper choice of plant material can make a garden as satisfying at night as it.
3 Points of Interest:
1. Reclaim rain water to irrigate, wash your car, and make your water features self sustaining
2. Rain exchange systems are perfect beneath permeable patios and can be made in any shape
3. Gardens should be enjoyed day and night (Reprinted from

Thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoyed!

Garden Collaborators

West End Florist and Garden Center
J and E Nursery
Collegiate Landscaping
The DeckYard
DGS Consulting (lighting)
and don't forget
Special Events Management and Their Team!


  1. Congrats on the display. Several garden bloggers that I attended with loved the fountain of the boy and the frog. One gardener from out of state wanted to know if there was a smaller version available.

  2. Thank you. Crazy legs comes in three sizes
    sm 22" long x 6" high
    md 38" Long x 11" high
    lg 48" long x 24" high
    they are available at

  3. "fishing boy" only comes in one size.